Amani / North &West Chios


Amani consists of the small town of Volissos and many small villages around it. Volissos apart from the medieval fortress preserves many interesting monuments, houses and churches.

Anavatos is a settlement of 400 houses, schools, churches, courts, a prison, all of unique architecture, working the stones into shapes of narrow arched windows and doors. Narrow picturesque passageways run through the buildings. The entire village with its cliff walls was a strong fortification. When the fortress town was buried in the ruins of the terrible earthquake of 1881, the suffering villagers built a new settlement, the third and final one of today, on the fringes of the cliff. The area here, in addition to its history, obtained special prominence because of the unusual architecture of the buildings.

Worth visiting and swimming are the sea resorts of Managros, Lefkathia, Limnos as well as the Aghia Markella beach which combines swimming with the pilgrimage of the local Saint Markella.

A visit to the surrounding villages with the unique folklore architecture  is definately worth it. Try the beautiful local wine in Kourounia and visit the church and the small museum, the deserted antimony mines in Keramos, the hot springs in Agiasmata, the deserted villages of Palaia Potamia and Tamarkou,  Agio Gala with the famous cave inhabited by people for thousands of years. An important byzantine church is located at the entrance of the cave.