Daily Cruises

Daily Cruises

 Visit undisciovered beaches, take a swim in the great blue sea, participate in a mini sailing seminar and enjoy on board BBQ.


Cruise to Inousses Island

Duration : Full Day:  09.00 - 19.00 

Frequency: 3 times a week 

Details:  09.00am: Departure from Chios Harbour

09.00-11.00 Sailing to Inousses. 

11.00- 15.00 Approach to a inaccessible from the landside bay, where we stay for a swim and on board BBQ. After lunch, we set sail bound for the port of Lagada. 

16.30 Visit to Lagada. Time for coffee, sweets & walks in the beautiful harbour of the fishing village. 

18.00 Take off for Chios Harbour. Enjoy the sea breeze and feel the pulse of the waves at sunset. 


Cruise to Inousses & Psara 

Duration : All Day 09.00 - 19.00 

Frequency : once a week

Details :  09.00 Departure from Chios Harbour to Inousses Island where we have a 2hour stay. Time to explore the island. 

11.30 Sail to Prara

13.00 Enjoy a 2 hour stay to Prara. Time to explore the island. 

15.00 Departure from Psara and BBQ on board while sailing back to Chios. 

19.00 Return to Chios Harbour. 


Cruise to Emporios 

Duration : All day 09.00 -19.00 

Frequency: 3 times /week

Details:  09.00 Departure from Chios Harbour

11.00 Sailing towards South- approach to Viri Beach. Time for swimming.

14.00 Approach to Emporios port where we stay for BBQ on board.

16.30 Sailing back to Chios

19.00 Return back to Chios Harbour