Inousses Islands



The Seamaship Island 

Inousses is a complex of 7 small islands, North- East of Chios. Only the largest island of the complex is inhabited (Inousses ). At the ancient times, the island was famous for tis wine and it is believed that its named comes from the word "oinos" which means wine. 

A lot of ship-owning families who originate from here have accompliched to make the island famous all over the world. It is a vivid island, especially during summer season, when Egnousian people from all over the wolrd return to the island on vacation.

Maritime Museum...

The Maritime Museum is located at hte centre of the port, on the coastal road, very close to the ship's aproach place. The Museum was founded in 1965 to house ship models, half-models, paintings, navigational instruments, documents & books , all relevant to the nautical tradition of the place. All the exhibits come from donations from families of the island. The Museum is housed at he "Pantelis Ant. Laimos"  mansion, also a family donation. Antony Laimos, mayor of Inousses had envisioned the renovation of the Museum , extensions and enrichment with new collections. 

Beaches ...

Inousses has many quiet beaches between shino & fig trees, amond  abandoned wineyards which witness the island's many wineyards. Bilali & Fasoli  and the large sandy beach of Apiganos, which also has a marine for small boats, are all ideal and unique. On the Northern part, Fokia , Hatzali and Tselepis beach follow. On the North of the island, there are also Chochlakes and Katsika , beaches with difficult access. Beautiful and picturesque are also the east beached of Ai Giannis, Fourkeros, Aspalathrocampos, Marmaro, Kampi & Alyki. 

Inousiotissa Statue ...

At Inousses port, the visitor meets the Inousiotissa statue , a bronze mermaid with  crown and a sail boat on the left hand, as the island's few resources pushed the inhabitants to shipping.

Access ...

Inousses are 9 nautical miles far from CHios town, an hour by ferry. You can travel either from the port of Chios or Lagada village by sea taxi.

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