Kampos - Chios


A land blessed by God, fertile and favored by the excellent Mediterranean climate which is contributing to the production of a great variety of goods.

14th century. The Genovese, conquerors of the island at the time, having observed the cultivation dynamics of the island, tired, very successfully, to cultivate citrus trees in Kambos of Chios, a fertile area in the central part of the island which turned to an orange grove very quickly. The orange cultivation at first and later on the mandarin, evolved to a basic wealth and reputation resource for both the island and the local aristocrats who wielded the citrus trade. Citrus of Chios were considered to be a luxury product by the international markets they would be wrapped one by one, by hand, on rice paper with the gold imprint of the trading companies’ logos and then, they would be carefully placed in crates, heading to big European city centers and beyond.

Kambos of Chios was known worldwide as a pebbled citrus grove with stone built fountains, impressive mansions of Genovese architecture save to the present date and around it, high stone built fences protecting the trees from the wind.