Mastic Villages / South Chios


Situated in the middle of the land of the mastic, these villages are the best preserved fortified settlements of the island. The villages of Kalamoti, Mesta, Vessa, Pyrgi, Olympi, Elata of this area are some of the best preserved specimens of this area, built between the 14th and the 16th century in order to control and protect the inhabitants and their valuable product – the mastic.

Many of the original houses, the towers, the main gates still exist.

Very important and worth visiting too are many of the churches, some of them belonging to the Byzantine period.

Visit the new and the old churches of Taxiarchis (St. Michael) in Mesta, the churches, the tower and the “Trapeza” (communal dinning room) in Olympi. 

Moreover worth visiting is the cave of Olympi as well as the Temple of Apollo in Fana and the medieval Tower in Dotia. Vessa and Kalamoti preserve their medieval character, as well as Armolia with the medieval fortress and the centre of traditional pottery.

Pyrgi, apart from the medieval atmosphere, the tower and the Byzantine Church of Peter and Paul, is famous for the unique graffiti decoration of the buildings called “xysta”. Visit Emporios with the volcano beach known as “Mavra Volia”. The very important archaeological site is visitable. The sea is beautiful there as well as at Komi, Vroulidia, Merikounda, Apotheka and many other beaches of the vicinity. 

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