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Route: Nea Moni-Anavatos-Avgonima-Kampos


Tour Description:

Traveling down the island we meet the monastery of Nea Moni, which is considered the most important Byzantine monument on the island and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nea Moni was founded in the 11th century and enjoys a special place thanks to its art and its direct relationship with Constantinople and the Imperial Court. According to the monastic tradition, Emperor Constantine  financed the construction of the monastery after finding the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary from the three Chian monks, Nikita, Ioannis and Joseph at the present location of the monastery. For many centuries it has been the religious and economic center of Chios, when both the Genoese and the Turks respected it. The decline begins in the 19th century with financial difficulties at the beginning and with the destruction of 1822 later. The mosaics of Nea Moni are among the most important creations of Byzantine art, thanks to their exceptional quality and the fact that they are work of artists associated with the largest laboratories in Istanbul. From the original complex of the 11th century, the catholicon, the cistern (tank), the tower, part of the Bank and the church of St. Luke in the cemetery of the monastery, outside the wall, are preserved today.


Close to the monastery is the village of Anavatos, a medieval village, often called the "Mystras of the Aegean". The village is built on a rocky hill with steep slopes, perpendicular to the south and west and a unique access to the north. The natural fortification and location suggest that it was originally built for defensive purposes to control the west coast at a time when pirates were sailing across the Aegean. Today, the settlement has no more than 10 inhabitants. Its houses (narrow fronted, always floor, made of gray limestone and with a wooden horizontal roof) are still preserved and give the image of a dead state.


Passing through the village,Avgonima, a medieval village in the heart of Chios, 16 km away from the city of Chios on a route that will enchant you. The village is built at a height of about 500 meters. It was founded and inhabited by the workers of Nea Moni in the 11th century AD. It is one of the medieval villages of the island with its peculiar fortress architectural style. The houses are built of stone and with small windows used to protect them from pirate raids during the Middle Ages. Even today they retain the architecture of the past. The village overlooks the pine forest and the endless blue Aegean Sea. Most houses are renovated and inhabited by the few remaining permanent residents of the village but also by many lovers of privacy and idyllic landscapes who enjoy their vacations.


Our last stop is the area of Kampos, which is protected by the Greek Ministry of Culture, as a historic site and traditional settlement. The whole area is covered with fruit trees, flowers and traditional stone mansions that are protected by high stone walls creating a landscape of incredible beauty. During the 14th century the area was initially chosen by the Genoese as well as by many Chian aristocratic families in the following centuries to build their villas and most of these buildings remain in excellent condition to this day. The "Citrus", museum and cafe, is located in the area, giving visitors the opportunity to admire the beauty of such a space from the inside. The museum section is housed in the original, renovated mansion and the cafeteria also includes a shop with handmade sweets and products, giving you the opportunity to take with you some unique, full of taste and fragrant memories.

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Starting Points:
Our excursion starts from our office, 12. Aegean Avenue 12. There is a possibility to pick up the hotels upon request.

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