Excursion to Mastic villages

Tour Description:

Passing through the Kampos mansions with their unique architecture we reach the Armolia . The first of the mastic villages we will visit. The inhabitants of the village, in addition to the cultivation of Mastiha, showed particular skill in the manufacture and decoration of clay objects, an art still practiced by many today. There are small stone houses, alleys and cobbled streets in the village. In the central church of the village, dedicated to Panagia, there is an iconostasis dating from 1744. Just outside the village there is a technical lake that serves crop food.

Boarding the bus and we continue on to the famous Pyrgi. Much has been written about this village over the years. It is rumored to be the home where Christopher Columbus stayed on his way to Chios in search of worthy sailors for his travels, and here is the chapel of the Holy Apostles, a replica of the Byzantine monastery of Chios, Nea Moni. It dates from the middle of the 11th century. But the visitor’s eye first of all gets the elaborate scratches on the facades of the houses in the village. Painted village many call Pyrgi. Worth a stroll through the village and admire the designs. In the center of the village is dominated by the village tower - an ironwork from the Genoese era.

Our journey continues to Mesta , a well-preserved Medieval castle village. The architecture of the village with the spicy stone house construction creates the feeling of a maze that transports it travels visitors through time. The village square dominates the Grand Taxiarchis in 1860, and is also worth a visit and P Taxiarchis fisherman, built in 1412. The temple’s iconostasis is a remarkable and exquisite example of local woodcut art with performances from the Old and New Testaments.

Our next destination is the Mastic Museum , a true Cuban tradition and culture of this part of the island. The museum seeks to highlight the cultivation and processing of Mastiha.

Our last stop is in the picturesque harbor of Emporio . Nearby is the black beach of Black Gialos otsala, one of the most recognized beaches on the island.

Starting Points :

Our tour starts from our office, 12. Aegean Avenue 12. There is a possibility to pick up from the hotels upon request.

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