Moni Moundon-Volissos-Agios Markella-Pityos



We start from the port of Chios and head to the Monastery of Mountous. The Moundon Monastery is built in a quiet natural environment in Northwest Chios. The exact date of the monastery's founding remains unknown, although it is estimated at 1574. The monastery is dedicated to the memory of St. John the Baptist and is now abandoned. Then we go to Volissos. It is a village with a long history. Volissos, according to Thucydides, was once an old Aeolian city and was famous as Homer's birthplace. At the top of the hill a castle was built in the Middle Ages. The Byzantine castle was shaped like a table with six circular towers. Inside the castle there were several buildings, tanks and churches. Then we visit the Kefala winery. Its operation began in 2004 and has a capacity of 30 tons of wine. In the basement cellar of the Estate there is a wine cellar with oak French barrels for ripening. There is a wine retail store in the area of ​​the wineries. After the Kefala estate we head to Agia Markella where there is the largest pilgrimage of the island, the holy Temple and the place of martyrdom of the Holy Virgin Martyr Markella of Chiopolitida, by the sea. The homonymous Holy Pilgrimage Church of Agia is built on the site of the pilgrimage and after about two kilometers of hiking we reach Agiasma, where the place of her Martyrdom is. The last destination of our tour is Pytios. Pythos is built in a unique environment that combines mountain and plain. There is an old Byzantine tower, a windmill and some churches. In addition to the opportunity to take a walk around the village, we can also enjoy local meat and local delicacies in some tavern. We leave Pytios and move to Chora where our trip ends.

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