Day trip to Izmir

Route: Chios - Cesme - Izmir, Turkey

Duration: 08:15 - 18:30

Travel Details:
Gathering at the customs office of Chios at 07:30 am Customs check-in, check-in and boarding, with which we will depart for Cesme at 08.15 am.
Arrival at Cesme port after about 35 minutes, customs formalities and immediate boarding. Passing through Alatsata, a purely Greek Orthodox village before 1922 and Vourla, another important cradle of Hellenism in Asia Minor, we reach Smyrna after about an hour's drive. Browse major neighborhoods and attractions. Starting from Kokariali, Quarantine (Enopi) and Karatasi, we arrive at Konak Square, where we will see the clock - the symbol of the city and the Government Palace with the Ionic elements on its facade, where Metropolitan Chrysostom witnessed. Afterwards, we will pass in front of Kasamba Railway Station (19th century), the classical building of the Greek Central School of Education and the formerly named Hadjifrangou Street in the area of ​​hospitals. We continue on to the English railway station of Aidinio in the area of ​​Punta, with the few Levantine houses still surviving to reach the beach of the new << And >>, where we will distinguish the Kapetanaki house, an impressive neoclassical building, housing after 15 years the Greek Consulate.
Walk in the old quarter of Frangomachala, the most important and largest of all the Frankish districts of the East, closed in the 2nd half of the 19th century by Greek and Armenian populations. A tour of the narrow alleys, where typical examples of urban Smyrna dwelling still stand today, emphasizing the classical elements in their architecture. Among the Frankish churches and mansions, the visitor is able to paint a picture of the glamor and multi-ethnic character of the city before the disaster. After boarding the bus and crossing the waterfront parallel to the waterfront (the Smyrna Parallel), we will pass in front of the classical building of the National Bank of Greece (Branch 1919) and the old Customs House (Eiffel work). Next, we ascend from Konak Square to the foot of Mount Pagos and the Turkish Mahalas, a route that offers a panoramic view of the city. Continuing inland, passing through the ancient market of Smyrna, we reach Agios Voukolos, the only Orthodox church saved from the 1922 disaster, dedicated to the first bishop of Smyrna Voukolos. The temple has been restored and witnesses with its presence the beautiful and tragic moments of Hellenism of the city.
Then free time at the bustling Izmir bazaar, Kemeralti. Here is the old Ottoman neighborhood of the city with its winding alleys, old Ottoman houses and a restored 18th-century inn. Afternoon gathering and returning to the port of Cesme. Boarding aboard and at 18:30 departure to Chios.



The price includes:
Chios-Cesme-Chios ferry tickets
Greek speaking guide
according to schedule


ISPS tax is not included:Port tax 2 € per person (regardless of age) of Cesme's private port, which you pay at check-in at Cesme port.

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