Oinousses - Daily Visit

Program Duration: 10:00 - 17:00
Route: Daskalopetra - Lagada - Oinousses.
We suggest on this trip to Oinousses from the picturesque port of Lagada.
Departure from Chios town, with first stop in Daskalopetra. In Daskalopetra lies the famous stone of Homer. Here, according to tradition, the beloved blind poet and creator of the epics of the Iliad and the Odyssey used to teach his disciples, playing lyre with the sea stretching beneath his feet.
Arriving in Lagada, boarding our boat and transferring to Oinousses.
Approaching the port, a bronze mermaid with a crown is welcomed and a sailboat in the left hand welcomes visitors. At the entrance of the harbor is the statue of Egnousiotissa's mother, who in a scarf greets her children who are distancing themselves for their long journeys. Walking down the pier we reach the Naval Square where the Monument of the Hidden Sailor stands, the first statue in Greece dedicated to the lost sailors.
At the center of the harbor is the impressive Maritime Museum, founded in 1991 by Nikolaos Sp. Lemos and replaced the oldest (1965). Among the exhibits are models of ships made by the French that had been captured by the British during the Napoleonic Wars. There are also nautical instruments, canoeing tools, old photographs, paintings by Chiot painter Aristides Glyka, collection of 18th and 19th century weapons and sculptures of the Geometric Era. Here the visitor has the opportunity to travel back in time, when the Oinousses sailing ships traveled to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.
In the center of the city is the beautiful church of Agios Nikolaos with its many tributes, surrounded by the traditional houses that constitute the jewel of the island. In the elaborate, richly decorated with exquisite sacred hagiographies and temples of sailors, the temple guard a fragment of the Holy Relic of Saint, which was officially shipped from Sicily in 2001.
Those who wish can go to the Monastery of Evangelism. The Holy Monastery is a branch of the Father family to the Virgin Mary. Architectural elegance on the west coast of the island gives the visitor the feeling of approaching the area of ​​Athos. Fotis Kontoglou's exquisite hagiographies and many relics and types of worship compose the catholic decoration. Transfers can be made by car as there are no taxis or buses to the island.
Close to the settlement is Bilali Beach, a calm beach with relatively shallow water.
Noon return to the port of Lagada, time for a stroll, lunch or coffee.
In the afternoon return to the city.
Starting points: Our excursion starts from our office, 12. Aegean Avenue 12. There is a possibility to pick up the hotels upon request.