Arriving at Psara we can see the enchanting landscape and feel the calm and serenity that dominates the island. At the island's dock are the colorful boats and fishing boats that move carelessly in the sea. Furthermore, we see the church of the settlement, which is a living example of Cycladic architecture. This wonderful place in the middle of the Aegean, being submerged in the blue, generously offers its natural beauties, freeing you of any kind invasion of the artificial world. With the rocky shores descending to the sea, Psara looks like a castle in the sea. Visitors have the opportunity to worship at the Black Ridge, which was immortalized by Solomos and raised in the consciousness of the people as a symbol of sacrifice, to visit the monastery of Panagia and enjoy the panoramic view of the village from the hill of Agios Nikolaos in its tranquility. nature.