Armolia-Apolichnon Castle

The route starts from the main road, at the point where the pottery workshops of Armolia are located. We follow the rural road, passing through the plain with olives and mastic trees. The landscape there is purely rural. The rural road reaches a starting point of the ascent, where the slope is now steeper.

At the point there is a rest area with wooden benches and tables as well as remnants of buildings, modern of the castle, but of unknown use. The route continues on a steep slope, between pines, holly trees, spruce and arboreal trees. depth the village of Kalamoti and the beach of Komi.

Near the castle, the landscape changes to rocky low vegetation. The village of Patrika has now been added to our view.
The last steps of the course take place on shaped stairs that end on the east side of the castle, at a point where the collapse of our wall allows access to the interior. To our right is the largest and most powerful tower in the castle.