A member of the island arc of the eastern Aegean, Chios is a truly special island, which participated both in the historical course of the Aegean and in the great events of the Mediterranean. Today, the cultural landscape of Chios expands a panorama of elements from antiquity and the Byzantine period, the Genoese rule and the Ottoman administration, enriched by the influence of modern trends, where brilliant Christian monuments and the special architectural and architectural ensemble stand out.

An island of mastic, of this inexplicably fragrant juicy spruce, with a lacy coastline adorned with shrubs and castles and a rich agricultural hinterland, dotted with fortified settlements, monasteries and chapels, Chios presents the diversity of the great places and of history.
To the east, in the embrace of a dim bay, nests the city of Chios, a port city that, like many other cities on our islands, retains its distinct historicity, immersed in the modern rhythm. This dual nature, in combination with its stable location on land and its wide opening to the sea, gives the city of Chios the double feeling of the infinite in terms of time and horizons.