Citrus Scent of Memory

The Citrus Museum is home to a unique mansion of 1742, inside the famous Chios Plain, with its beautiful mansions with high stone walls, so that they are not visible from the street, and the smells of lemons and citrus fruits. In Campos it is easy to get lost, as its streets look like a labyrinth, but the good thing is that the Citrus Museum is so famous that whoever you ask will know how to give you instructions. "Citrus-Scent of Memory" was created with the aim of projecting the history of Cambodian citrus fruits. The lower part of the mansion is a dynamic exhibition space, where one can be informed specifically about:

  • citrus cultivation in the seasons, the tools and methods of production and cultivation, the varieties and the special elements that make mandarins and other fruits so unique.
  • The people who were the main factor in the flourishing of the unique myth of Chian mandarins and other fruits by the Genoese, the merchants who traveled them to the markets of the world, the cultivators, the caretakers and of course the noble families of the Plain with their coat of arms.
  • the commercial process from the beginning of the 15th century to Constantinople and Izmir, the unique packaging of goods, the well-known trade routes that made the citrus fruits of Chios a kind of luxury in European markets until the end of the 20th century. << / li>
  • the extensive area of ​​Kampos, with its unique mansions and surrounding walls, orchards, manganese and other elements of the area that have given it a unique architectural peculiarity in Europe.

Next to the museum and inside a beautiful courtyard, there is a small cafeteria and a shop where you can try and buy Chian flavors made exclusively from Citrus, such as pastries, jams, Turkish delights, liqueurs, pasta with citrus fruits, almonds and whatever else comes to mind. We were lucky enough to try the handmade syrupy orange pie that had just come out of the oven and which was really delicious!