The main activity of our office is the rental of tourist buses for transportation as well as the organization of excursions.

Organized excursions to the island of Chios
Kanaris Tours with rich experience in travel planning, offers you organized excursions to the island of Chios, with the privately owned tourist buses of the company.Escape to Mastichochoria, central and northern Chios with us.


Student transportation / school trips
For a number of years, our office has played a leading role in the field of education, transporting students daily to and from the schools of Chios. At the same time, we undertake the travels for the day and multi-day school trips, with consistency and responsibility and based on the needs of each school.


Transportation of sports teams
The safe transport of sports teams requires method, consistency and discretion. For these reasons, our office has won the trust of clubs in the country that prefer us for transportation to the island’s stadiums and other places.


KAPI Transport
The tourist buses of our fleet have comfortable spaces and luxurious seats, specially designed to facilitate passengers of all ages. Specialized guides and escorts of our team provide the appropriate attention for the safe and pleasant movement of all passengers.


Staff transfer
Our office undertakes the transfer of staff. In the field of transport we guarantee the timely and comfortable arrival of staff at the workplace.


Transfer from and to Airport / Port / Customs
Our office provides services to hotels, transporting passengers to and from the airport, port and customs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Transportation to social events and festivals
We ensure the possibility of group transport of passengers to various social and cultural events throughout Greece: weddings, baptisms, conferences, festivals, concerts, etc.