The Fa area is not serviced by public transport. The length of the route and its steep slope may be tiring in the summer.
Starting from Fa, we are looking for the starting point of the route on the asphalt route from Agios Giorgis to Sykousi to Avgonyma. We meet on our right (at 5200 meters from the crossroads), the sign marking the route, where a dirt route begins, almost downhill and easy. The route takes place on a stone road, dating from the post-revolutionary period - around 1850. This is the road that connected Lithi with the paths of Central Chios. After a short time we will meet a damaged bridge, at the point where the stream crosses Fa as well as manicured fields with figs, olives and almonds. The forest around Fa has been burned down a few years ago, but the natural reforestation is impressive. This cobbled road is one of the few that have survived in such good condition, and is an excellent example of road construction in the early 19th century. It has transverse channels for water flow (technically), while the support of the road from dry stone is well done and in places where the slope is very steep, it is divided into two zones with the highest pressing on the lowest. In difficult passages the dry stone hugs the limestone boulders and where access is required there are steps with stones protruding from the slope of the support.

Continuing our route and leaving behind a small plain of Fa, we now move to the sides of a high-slope ravine where after halfway we get a panoramic theme to Lithi and its port. The route begins to get steeper downhill and has two hairpins to compensate for the change in altitude. However, there is an alternative, a small trail that bypasses these turns and shortens the route a lot. His condition is not good and he needs to be careful in his search and use, as he is very downhill. : p>

Without other detours or intersections, the path ends at Lithi just above the stadium, where we move left to the center of the village or right to the port of Lithi.

Lithi: At a distance of 23.5 km from the city of Chios, Lithi is one of the villages in southern Chios where the mastic tree or Pistacia lentiscus var chia is cultivated, from which the mastic is extracted. In Lithi, the form of the "village-castle" is not preserved, as elsewhere: the ancient settlement with its square fortification has been surrounded since the 19th century by new buildings and no longer forms a nucleus, indistinguishable in the middle of the village.

The natural port of Lithium is the homonymous bay and the small settlement there (without permanent residents, but with holiday homes) Lithi-Limenas with a fairly large pier on the west side. It is located 1.5 km from the center of the village, with which it is connected by an asphalt road. The beach is a sandy beach for swimming, and there are several taverns.