Folklore Museum of Kallimasia

The Folklore Museum of Kallimasia started its operation in 1995. It is the largest in Greece in an exhibition of objects as it has more than 6000 exhibits. The museum space (550 sqm) represents a small traditional village. It contains objects and tools from more than 40 professions, most of which have gone down in history, such as shoe, tailor, basket, quilts, irons, hooks, sieves, miller, potter, potter, waxer, samara, tinsmith, housekeeper, carpenter, carpenter , beekeeper, butcher, barber, civil engineer civil engineer and clown.

It also contains a rebar (ouzo-suma distillery), an olive mill, a field with its threshing floor and a barber shop. Finally, it contains a traditional Chian house with its kitchen, dining room, bedroom, toilet and storage. The museum's exhibits, some of which are unique, are very important elements for the folklore of Chios as they present to us the professional craftsmen who worked and moved in the villages of Chios. The exhibits have been donated mainly by residents from all over Chios, but also from various parts of Greece.