Mastic Museum

The Mastic Museum is located in Mastichochoria, a set of medieval villages in southern Chios, in the only part of the Mediterranean where the schism of the Pistacia lentiscus var variety is cultivated. Chia, from which mastic is produced.

The Mastic Museum intends to highlight the productive history of the cultivation and processing of mastic, which is part of the cultural landscape of Chios. In the light of UNESCO's registration of traditional mastic cultivation in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in 2014, emphasis is placed on the time and sustainability of this Chian product.

What you will see:

The permanent exhibition deals with Chios mastic as a unique natural product. In the introduction, we learn about the splint and mastic, the resin that in 2015 was recognized as a natural remedy. In the first section we discover the traditional know-how of mastic cultivation. In the second section we observe how the management of mastic historically shaped the rural and inhabited landscape of southern Chios and Mastichochoria. In the third section we are informed about the cooperative exploitation and processing of mastic in modern times, which marks an important chapter in the productive history of Chios. Particular reference is made to the uses with which mastic now travels around the world. The museum experience is completed in the outdoor exhibition, in which the public comes in contact with the plant and the natural environment in which it thrives.

Tools for better understanding of permanent exposure:

  • Multimedia applications
  • Documentaries
  • Models
  • Original machines in operation.In the "Schinos" Hall (multipurpose hall) are hosted periodic exhibitions, events are organized and cultural activities are developed, while in the hall "Kentitiri" educational programs are prepared. in>