Marine Museum

The Chios Maritime Museum was founded to represent the maritime history and tradition of Chios, as well as the role it plays in the modern shipping world.

The Museum is an important part of Chios history and is housed in the city center in a distinctive mansion, built in the early 20th century in neoclassical island rhythms, offering an ideal location for a cultural center with its private collection of sailing models , merchant ships, paintings, rare photographs, books, as well as ship parts and other marine objects, a chronicle of the development of Greek shipping through the centuries.

The report also demonstrates the important role that Chios played in the development of shipping during the 20th century, especially in the "golden age" of post-war Greek merchant shipping.

In addition to the museum's main goal of presenting the maritime history and heritage of Chios, it also promotes this tradition with lectures and conferences, as well as educational programs to promote the history and traditions of the Greek merchant navy, to students and visitors coming from all over the world.

Chios Maritime Museum represents the rich maritime and commercial tradition of the island, which travels around the world and we are always happy to welcome you to travel with us.