The one and only settlement that exists in Oinousses has not lost its traditional character, simple mansions built amphitheatrically with the large metropolitan church standing out. The first church of the island was Agios Georgios in the Castle, while the cathedral of Agios Nikolaos was built in 1924 on the site of the old church. Since November 2001, holy relics of Agios Nikolaos that came to Greece from Italy (Vatican) have been kept in this church.
The districts in Mandraki bear the names of the large families of the island, who had in their hands the management of the commons through the system of Demogerontia. On the waterfront stand out some old captain’s houses which were restored a few decades ago. Famous is Nautosini Square, a historical reference point for the locals where the statue of the Invisible Sailor is located. The port also has all the services of the island (town hall, post office, National Bank, rural doctor’s office).Many expatriates from Oinoussia return in the summer when the population of the island more than triples for two months. The elegance of the settlement is largely due to the love of these expatriates for their place. Donations have allowed and continue to operate important institutions for education, culture and health that mitigate the dramatic decline of the population metapolitically.Among the most modern works is the renovated Naval Museum of Oinousses, as well as the impressive 600-seat stadium. In the decade the Cultural Center of Oinousses was founded << G. Ch. Laimos >>, housed in the old Primary School.
An important attraction of Oinousses is the Monastery of Evangelismos about 5 kilometers northwest of the port. In the south you will find beautiful beaches and green locations, although there are no springs on the island. The beaches of Zepaga and Kastro are more accessible and popular. Bilali, Fasoli and the sandy beach of Apiganos are located on abandoned vineyard stairs. To the north are Fokia and the beach of Tselepis, while to the north of the island Hochlakas and Katsika are inaccessible beaches that are more easily reached from the sea by boat. To the east, we find the beaches of Ai Giannis, Aspalathrokampos, Marmaros, Fourkeros and Aliki, all quiet beaches with sand and clear blue waters.