From Olympus, following the marking, we pass the Anesomata site, and cross the plain, where the cultivations of mastic, olive and fig are predominant. We climb the slope and in a few minutes we have reached the highest point of the route. Here we find the small church of Agios Antonios, where there is a plateau with several cypress trees and an outdoor dining and relaxation area, with amazing views. North on the opposite hill, we see the four windmills and to the west Mesta and the sea. Continuing, the path descends. Walking next to the stream, among pines, holly trees, arbutus, oak and spruce, having a panoramic view of the village of Mesta in front of us, we pass through fields with old dry stones, which create terraces. Going down we meet the old aqueduct with the stone wells and the spring. The old cobblestone that is preserved to this day leads us to Mesta.