Korai Library

The Public Central Historical Library of Chios "Korais" is one of the oldest and largest in Greece. Its history begins in 1792, when it functioned as a branch of the Great School of Chios and its first nucleus were the books of Adamantios Korais and Greek scholars. During the Massacre of Chios in 1822, the Library was destroyed, but Korais sent books again. After the death of Ad. Korai, in 1833, and according to his will, a large part of his books and manuscripts come to Chios.

After the great earthquake of 1881, the Library was housed in the present building. In 1948, on the initiative of F. Argentis, the construction of the second floor began, while important works of expansion and modernization took place in the years 1975-1978, in order to house the folklore collection of F. Argentis. Over the years, the Library has amassed invaluable collections of books, manuscripts, magazines, newspapers, paintings, coins, relics and maps donated by great spiritual people.

An invaluable treasure of the Library is the donation of the Great Napoleon in honor of Adamantios Korais "Déscription de l'Egypte", consisting of 14 illustrated volumes (edition (1809-1822).

Korais was born in 1748. He studied medicine in Montpellier, France. He arrived in Paris in 1788. He never practiced medicine, but made a brilliant career as a philologist and as a nationalist, always keeping in mind his enslaved homeland and especially his beloved Chios.