Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum of Chios is housed in the Ottoman Mosque Metzitie, which was built with the sponsorship of Sultan Abdul Metzit in the mid-19th century in the town square of Chios. It consists of the wooden-roofed porch, the central hall covered with a dome and a spacious basement. In its paved courtyard there are, in symmetrical positions, two similar small stone buildings. One is a marble-lined fountain and the other currently serves as a place to display audiovisual material.

The restoration of the mosque took place within the Third Community Support Framework (GCC). .S.), With funding from the Regional Operational Program of the North Aegean. The project was carried out through the process of self-supervision by the 3rd Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.

The difficulties of its implementation are many, as well as the challenges, with the ultimate goal of intervention is the preservation and respect of the monument character of the building and its configuration to accept the permanent exhibition. An exhibition that does not affect the character of the monument inside (the walls were not drilled for the placement of the exhibits), but on the contrary contributes to its promotion, while making the building itself an exhibit. Therefore, the mosque and the exhibition coexist harmoniously and complement each other.

The exhibition includes four thematic sections. Each section is commented on with texts and supervisory material of general or special content. All exhibits have a bilingual caption. The visitor has the opportunity to move in the exhibition space either by following the specified course or freely.