Türkiye’ye İki Günlük Gezi


Day 1 Izmir

Gathering at the customs of Chios at 7:30 a.m. Passport check (or new type of ID), registration in passenger lists (check in), boarding the ship and departure to Cesme at 08:15. Arrival at the port of Cesme after 35 minutes and direct boarding a bus to the city of Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey, where for decades the heart of Asia Minor Hellenism was beating. Passing through Alatsata, a purely Greek Orthodox village before 1922, which still retains the traditional Aegean architecture and Vourla, another important cradle of Hellenism in Asia Minor, arrival in Izmir after about 1 hour. Starting from Kokargiali, Karantina (Enopi) and Karatasi, we arrive at Konak Square, where we will see the clock - a symbol of the city and the Government House with the Ionian elements on its façade, where the Metropolitan Chrysostomos testified. Then we will pass in front of the Kasamba railway station (19th century), the classic rhythm building of the Hellenic Central Girl’s School and the formerly called Hatzifrangou Street in the area of ​​the hospitals. We continue the English train station of Aidini in the area of ​​Pounta, with the few Levantine houses that are still preserved to reach the beach of the new "And", where we will single out the Kapetanaki house, an impressive neoclassical building that houses again, then the Greek Consulate for 15 years.Stop and walk in the former district of Frangomachala, the most important and largest of all the Frankish districts of the East, which was closed in the second half of the 19th century by Greek and Armenian populations. A tour of the narrow alleys, where even today stand typical examples of the urban Smyrnaean residence with accentuated classical elements in their architecture. Between the Frankish churches and the mansions they give the visitor the opportunity to compose an image of the glamor and multinational character of the city before the catastrophe. Then boarding the bus and crossing vertically the parallel to the waterfront (The Parallel of Smyrna), we will pass in front of the classic rhythm building of the National Bank of Greece (branch of 1919) and the old customs (work of Eiffel). Then, we ascend from Konak Square at the foot of Mount Pagos and the Turkish mahalades, a route that offers a panoramic view of the city. Continuing inland, passing through the ancient market of Smyrna, we reach Agios Voukolos, the only Orthodox church that survived the destruction of 1922, dedicated to the first bishop of Smyrna Voukolos. The church has been recently restored and testifies with its presence to the beautiful and tragic moments of the Hellenism of the city. Accommodation in a 4 * hotel in the city center. In the afternoon you are free to visit the bustling Bazaar of Smyrna, Kemerlati, where the old Ottoman neighborhood of the city is located with labyrinthine alleys, old Ottoman houses and a restored inn from the 18th century. It is also worth wandering the picturesque alleys of Alsancak and drinking your coffee or drink in one of the many cafes and restaurants located on the beach of Smyrna (a beautiful promenade that stretches from Alsancak to the old customs that it has today converted into a modern shopping center - Konak Pier). Dinner at the hotel and overnight.

DAY 2:Ephesus - Kusadasi

After breakfast at the hotel, departure for Ephesus which for more than 1000 years was one of the great cities of the ancient world and one of the seven churches of the Apocalypse. It is the best-preserved and busiest archeological site in Turkey. A tour of the ancient city, whose foundation dates back to the 10th century BC. as an Ionian colony. However, the main monuments that survive today refer to the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian periods. Among them are the Bouleuterion, the Church of Hadrian, the Temple of Domitian, Kouriton Street, the library of Kelsos, the Baths, the markets and the theater, one of the largest in the Ancient World (24,000 spectators). Then, passing by the bus from the location of the remains of the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the World, we arrive in Selcuk (Old Ephesus). Here we will visit the Basilica of St. John the Theologian. According to tradition, the Saint withdrew to the top of the castle and lived there, where he wrote the Gospel of John. This hill has long been an important place of worship, as a place of sleep and burial for the beloved disciple of Christ. Originally a church was built there by Constantine the Great, which was replaced by Justinian in the 6th century with a majestic basilica, the ruins of which are still preserved today. Then, departure for cosmopolitan Kusadasi. Free time and departure in the afternoon for the port of Cesme, where we will arrive in about 2 hours. Boarding the ship and departure to Chios at 19:00.


Price per person: 110E

Single bed charge: 20e

Children’s (7-12 years old): 70E (In a triple room with parents)

The price includes:

1. Chios - Cesme - Chios Ferry Tickets (and 2 euro port tax per person)

2. New and air-conditioned pool for travel and excursions according to the schedule.

3. 1 Overnight at a selected 4 * hotel in Smyrna with breakfast and dinner (buffet)

4. Local Greek-speaking Guide


Not included:

1. Entrance tickets to places to visit

2. Lunch during excursions to local restaurants

3. That is not explicitly mentioned in the Program

** For Greek citizens, the trip to Turkey can be made with passports with a minimum validity of 2 months or police IDs with Latin characters.

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